Whitsunday Islands National Park

The Whitsundays is about 1125 km north of Brisbane and about 725 km south of Cairns, and the climate is typical of a tropical sub rainforest region.


Airlie Beach is the mainland base for exploring the Whitsunday Islands. Accommodation ranges from backpacker to five star and all in between. Getting here is easy. You can come by road, coach, rail or by air.


The options are limitless here ... you can enjoy the mainland, charter your own yacht, cruise the beautiful Whitsunday islands, dive and snorkel the cays and surrounding reef, fish, or just sit back and relax on the beautiful island resorts. From April to October, daytime temperatures are 20 to 24 degrees C and vary at night from 14 to 18 degrees. During the "green season" from November to March, the daytime range is 24 to 30 degrees with nights from 18 to 26. The waters in this tropical paradise remain at a constant 20 to 22 degrees throughout the year.


Pack light natural fibre clothing for your casual tropical holiday. Bring your swimmers and a towel, a wrap for an island or beach visit and a windcheater for sailing or the slightly cooler nights of our tropical winter. Something a little more "dressy" will be useful for the evenings, but the mood is still casual. Your "must bring" kit should include sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat and sand shoes or sneakers for walking on coral beaches.


Fringing coral cays surround many of the Whitsundays' 76 islands. The Cumberland and Northumberland Island groups, commonly called the Whitsunday Islands, form the largest offshore island chain on the Australian east coast.


The islands are remnants of a coastal range which was submerged when sea levels rose at the end of the ice age. Most of the islands have National Park status, while a 35,000 sq. km marine park stretches from around Sarina in the south to Cape Upstart to the north.


Ever since Captain James Cook discovered the beautiful tropical islands of the Whitsunday's, people come to visit this beautiful region.


Today, The Whitsunday Islands, are one of the greatest tourist attractions in Australia, with over 600,00 visitors a year (3rd busiest tourist destination in Queensland). And what else would you expect for such a tropical paradise.


Whether sailing, diving, exploring coral, or sharing in one or a number of the many relaxing or adventurous forms of recreation, you will conclude that the Whitsundays has the best to offer in the world.


The Whitsunday's has a great range of accommodation sites. Choose from


>> 21 Motels
>> 12 Caravan Parks
>> 10 Apartment and Unit Establishments
>> Bed & Breakfast Places
>> 9 Island Resorts
>> 11 Mainland Resorts
>> 7 Hotels, Guesthouses and Lodges
>> 7 Backpacker Hostels




To cater for a wide range of interests you can:


>> Scuba Dive with 13 Operators
>> Go Fishing with 5 Operators
>> Get an Adrenaline Rush with 2 Operators
>> Go Sea Kayaking with 2 Operators
>> Parasailing and water sports with 6 Operators
>> Play Golf at 4 Gold Courses.
>> Go on a EcoTour with 4 Specialists
>> Over 20 Operators who do day trips to The Great Barrier Reef and many of the Whitsunday Islands, and its lovely beaches
>> Go on overnight sailing trips with 42 Tour Operators
>> Skipper your own yacht with 14 bare boat Specialists


The Whitsundays has a great range of activities to cater for a wide range of interests. However now that you are at THE Center of Australia's Great Barrier Reef, why now indulge in exploring the world's largest living thing.


There are a number of exciting reef adventure trips and tours to do. For example you could take on of the power cats to the Reef for a day at the pontoon. Or you might take a PADI course, get your certificate and do an overnight dive trip.


Families are catered for in many ways. Some of the island resorts have facilities especially catering for families. You can even do day trips there and also have the convenience of the use of the non motorized equipment. One resort even has a 9 hole golf course!



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