Nuga Nuga National Park and Lake Nuga Nuga

As the largest natural water body within the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt, Lake Nuga Nuga (adjacent to the National Park), provides a valuable habitat for waterbirds in an otherwise arid landscape. The Lake has only recently formed; the result of a series of natural events which occurred over a short period. Heavy rain and flooding of the Brown River filled the Lake and surrounding swamps.


The many dead trees through the water indicate this relatively recent phenomenon. The park protects remnants of dry rainforest scrub whose origins come from earlier geological times. Mount Warinilla, at the south western end of the park, offers ideal views of the park and devoted bird watchers will find the lake a haven for pelicans, swans and numerous water birds.


Nuga Nuga National Park has very basic infrastructure in-place, including walking tracks, basic picnic and camping areas. As this park is remote, be sure to bring adequate supplies of food, water and fuel.



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