Lumhotlz National Park

Gorge scenery, rainforest, open forest and waterfalls in the Herbert River valley. Facilities at Wallaman Falls. Seasonal canoeing. Conventional access to Wallaman Falls. 4WD to rest of park in Wet. Wallaman Falls is 51 km west of Ingham, 30 km of which is unsealed road.


During the wet season, inquire at Ingham about local flooding and road conditions. Normal travel time is one hour each way.


Things to do Picnicking, camping, bushwalking, nature study.


Further information and booking centre:
Halifax/Bemerside Road
Ripple Creek via Ingham
PO Box 1293 INGHAM QLD 4850 (07) 4777 2822 (07) 4777 2863


This 150,000 hectare national park extends from the Hinchinbrook channel through the Herbert valley, and spans the Cardwell, MacAlister, Kirrama and Seaview ranges.


Wallaman Falls, Australia's longest single drop waterfall (305 meters) is located in this national park.


Distance from Townsville: 130 km. Wallaman Falls, located in Lumholtz National Park just west of Ingham, is Australia's most spectacular and largest sheer drop waterfall. It is a breathtaking sight, especially when viewed through a rainbow fringed cloud of mist early in the morning.


A lookout at the falls is 3 kilometres by road from the camping area. From here, a 2 kilometres track leads to the base of the falls.


Self-registration camping is available, with gas barbeque and showers located on site



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